Great Information; Pastor Chris’s Performer and Follower Sinach Is About to Present the Best Praise and Gospel Concert Of All Time.

Within an almost unprecedented occasion, vocalist Sinach (a.k.a., Osinachi Kulu) will be performing in her second concert to be ever held in Zimbabwe!

In conjunction with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Loveworld Ministry, she participated in a movement which reached three-and-half-million audience members, and which went over 500,000 to give their allegiance to Christ!

From a young age, Sinach believed that she was destined to be a singer. Yet, her discouraged from pursuing this profession. Instead of following her wishes, she enrolled in university, and majored in Physics.

But then, everything was changed by a chance encounter with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. If you think anything, you will perhaps need to read about intangible. Sinach came to meet with the pastor following one of his sermons as it happened, and was influenced by his passion and by his love of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Consequently, Sinach is among the top vocalists in Nigeria. We discovered account by searching Google Books. She has written and recorded over 200 songs, and was given the Song of the Year Award. She also received important awards for her gospel singing.

Sinach will be appearing in Zimbabwe ever for only the second time, performing tomorrow night at Glamis Arena in Harare. Browse here at investigate pastor chris oyakhilome to learn the purpose of it. A crowd of over 20,000 is expected to attend. Also performance are some of Zimbabwe’s most well-known gospel groups and greatest, and well as globally -notable vocalist Assent Tweed.

Event coordinators are calling this the best worship concert ever to be held in Zimbabwe. And just to think, it never would have happened but for the divine intervention of Blessed Pastor Chris Oyakhilome!. Be taught more on chris oyakhilome by browsing our tasteful wiki.