Hey Parrots Educate Your Parents To Start Education You

Happy parrots appreciate instruction every single day. Bird potty training is among the simplest items that we could understand.

You have to train your parents to invest in training you and spend some time if you want to be a happy bird like me. Lets face it we dont like to be stuck in a cages or on our stands all day screaming our heads off. We’re planning to live quite a long time so we should be happy. Keep reading to learn how I was bird toilet trained.

If youre not a happy bird like a lot of us are or were at one time, tell your parents to just start spending time with you. Certainly one of my favorite things to do is always to play with my parents. Theyre not that talented so I appreciate training them just how to perform.

For you birds out there who like to come out once and while but you get set straight back because you poop on the floor or the furniture, tell your parents to begin bird potty training you. Its very easy to learn. Here is how my Papa taught me. He waits for me to poop in my cage while saying to me ‘sit’ because sit looks nicer than go poop. Then when I really do he plays and takes me out and cuddles with me for a few days. Address contains further concerning how to allow for this belief. Then he puts me in my cage and tells me to ‘sit again’ and once I do (as we say) he takes me out and plays and cuddles with me again. After having a short time the only real place that I wish to ‘stay’ is in my cage or on my play stay. Tell your parents potty training birds is much easier than potty training dogs, cats as well as kids..