IMPORTANT NEWS- An Islamic Fantastic Resurrected to Life by the Transforming Power of Christ; She Then Is Empowered to Recruit Others to Belief in Our Lord

Based on reports coming out of Russia, a Muslim woman was raised from the dead by the power. In gratitude for this incredible healing event, she converted to Christianity and after that worked to convert others to the beliefs!

The published reports state that the 62-year old Muslim woman named Sabina was pronounced dead from unknown causes, in Moscow, Russia. Be taught more on this related paper – Click here: pastor chris. Her body was subsequently sent to a coroner, where her body was placed in a freezer in a mortuary.

The astonishing event happened two days afterwards.

To her, a branch reached out in the tree. Principles includes further about where to mull over this view. Subsequently branch subsequently transformed, turning into flesh from wood, and it became a hand.

I shall bring you back, if you grab onto my hand.

She reached out to the hand, and unexpectedly was alive again, albeit in a morgue, surrounded by corpses.

I’m not dead. Do not worry.

The voices were the voices of the physicians around her, who began to run From the morgue in dread, before understanding and turning that Sabina had come back to life!

She was given clothes, water, and food, and was immediately taken into a research hospital in order that doctors could analyze her state.

Sabina, who lives in Central Asia, returned this Sunday morning and then left Moscow. Upon returning home, she told her family that there was somewhere that she had to visit. She instantly went to a church, where she renounced her Islamic faith in favor of Christianity.

Since this time, Sabina has converted all seven of her children from belief in Allah to belief in Christ. She has also converted her niece and her 92-year-old mother. And so the Lord’s glorious work continues….