Incredible Report- Holy Pastor Chris Two Days Of Glory at Abuja, Nigeria

Wonderful Info; November 2016 Nigeria

Holy Pastor Chris, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ stays the same, yesterday today and forever, what He does for one, He will do for another. His everlasting love has always been revealed through testimonies and the miracles at the Healing School of Christ Embassy. The Miracle Faith Seminar that has been birthed as an outcome of these wondrous works, has been a channel through which thousands of lives have been transformed.
The outreach was graced by numerous university students along with residents in the environs.
The unction of the Holy Spirit was not heavily absent as the choir ministered. Learn more on this partner use with by visiting pastor chris. Upon his life, Joseph Andishu shared a superb account of God’s grace in among the assemblies. After the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, ministered to him he was cured of pulmonary tuberculosis.
The Spirit of God overtook the area, as Pastor Emmanuel began to give particular individuals words of prophecies. Dig up more on this affiliated encyclopedia – Click here: site preview. Then he called for placed hands on them, and individuals who were afflicted and sick, transferring the healing anointing to their bodies. There was rejoicing and great happiness amongst the people as they watched distinct wonders and healings. It was a glorious day to behold.
Many more lives were transformed as a great quantity of people gave their hearts to Christ, when the altar call was made. God remains doing marvellous things daily and everywhere.

Beloved Pastor Chris
Attendees at the service were full of excitement, and also this day will ever remain unforgettable in their hearts.
Thousands of people with societal backgrounds, different ethnicities and different needs assembled at the Healing School for a special time with the anointing. The praise and worship session directed by the choir was begun from by the impartation of the anointing of God’s spirit, the setting only at that time was already charged up for the astonishing.
Many had their beliefs awakened as they listened to the awe-inspiring reports of several folks who were healed in preceding healing services.
Angelina Ohene is a living testimony of God’s love; she described the change that took place when she received a touch in the Master. 10 years of pain and depression due to breast cancer, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure passed away and she was made not old and free.
Laud Lartey, a 66-year-old man from USA had endured for years as a consequence of posterior disk herniation, prostate enlargement and hypertension. Visit Link includes more about the purpose of this hypothesis. Daily prescriptions didn’t alleviate the trouble until he came to the Healing School and the condition declined over time. When the man transferred the healing anointing to his body and of God placed hands, all the pain and discomfort became history
Filled with hope and young, Esosa Eghosa is an embodiment of good health as he told the story of his miraculous healing from asthma. Life is delightful as he can now do all the things he couldn’t do before.
He set hands on the sickly and people that have various spiritual states. It was a victorious instant as they started to rejoice and bound, healed of their ailments and diseases.
See it work for them and Pastor Chris admonished those in attendance to dare and believe in God’s Word. He pointed out that the focus of one should not be taken by anything away from the Word. The air was pregnant with anointing as many came out to give their hearts to Christ during the altar call.
It is a new beginning for all those who attended the 2016 Summer Session .

The site which was Christ Embassy Den Haag, was packed out, as attendees trooped to observe the glorious manifestations of the power of God.

The outreach was filled with amazing sessions of fellowship, captivating faith and praise awakening testimonies. During the testimony section, former pupils of the Healing School discussed grace is displayed by their wonderful stories of God upon their lives, and they received their miracles. {Eugenia Ravaika, one of the pupils, shared of her divine healing after she was diagnosed with short sightedness. Ohene Gyan, also became free from chronic back pain, after the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, ministered to him.

It was a total dose of the maximum load of God, as Pastor Lewismith Ifeanyichukwu, the host pastor, discussed an all inspirational message with the congregation. He exhorted on the power of God’s Word, and daily life is revealed by the importance of using it to everything in one.

He additionally presented the message preached, and put hands on those ill inside their bodies and wanted a touch from God. Truly the lives of those present took a fresh turn as the outreach generated many astonishing miracles for and in them.

Hallelujah.Pastor Chris
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