{Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Receives Honorary Doctorate at BIU

|}The teachings of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome have comforted and inspired millions of men and women, both in Nigeria and abroad, therefore it comes as no surprise which he should be privileged by a celebrated Religious association for example Benson Idahosa University. Visit powered by to read the meaning behind it. On October 30, 2015, the Benin Town faculty given Pastor Joe with the Honorary Doctorate Degree in Divinity, the next honorary degree acquired by Oyakhilome in one year.

Rev. Dr. Oyakhilome ended his acceptance speech by calling upon Nigerians to to guide academic institutions and also make learning a national priority. He promised to to guide the development of Benson Idahosa University, and donated one billion naira towards the construction of a Faculty of Architectural about the BIU grounds. While his gift will unquestionably help others to understand their educational goals, Rev. Dr. Oyakhilome’s new status as an alumnus is, in an of itself, a blessing to Benson Idahosa University. As stated by Bishop F.E. Benson Idahosa II, Oyakhilome h AS assisted to build perhaps not only new edifices, but new individuals.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Ernest B. To discover more, please consider checking out: pastor chris. Izevbigie called the ceremony historic, accentuating all that Oyakhilome has done to spread the Bible globally. This declaration is very fitting, considering the lot of period Rev. Dr. Oyakhilome invested studying the documents and functions of the late Arch-Bishop. Both men worked together in the Church of God Mission International in Benin City during Oyakhilome’s youth.

In accordance with the existing Archbishop and Chancellor, Dr. M.E Benson Idahosa, Rev. This surprising more portfolio has a myriad of telling suggestions for how to think over it. Dr. Oyakhilome has maintained and furthered the spiritual heritage of his predecessors in the College..