Studying Spanish Part Eighteen: The Direct Method Of Language Education

Realizing the Grammar Translation Approach to 2nd language instruction did not work to share verbal proficiency in the target language, in the late 1800’s, The Direct Method surfaced in language instruction. The necessity for a system that worked to show spoken knowledge is what drove those to produce The Direct Method. What it entailed was ways of language acquisition that were more closely linked to how first (native) languages were obtained. The main purpose was to teach how to think in the second language and go as far away as you can from the dangerous grammar-first strategy. French To English Translation contains supplementary info about the meaning behind this viewpoint. It did not seek to make constant references to one’s first or indigenous language, as does The Grammar Translation Method.

The Direct Method brought a fresh wave of thought in to 2nd language teaching. The shift in philosophy of second language knowledge led its advocates to think that most teaching should be shown in the target language with no translation into the learner’s native tongue. The emphasis was in building connections between meaning and the 2nd language being learned. Learn further on a related web site – Click here: certified translator toronto. One of the main and famous supporters of The Direct Method was Charles Berlitz. His schools still use this method and are popular worldwide.

The essential idea was to learn to feel in the language one wanted to learn. This is to be achieved without relating the learner’s first language to the second language at all. Through using pantomime and image, meaning was to be conveyed. The objective was to produce links between the target language and meaning. If you were shown an image of a cat, the word c-a-t in English wouldn’t be properly used to help you understand that in Spanish, the word is gato. The picture could convey the meaning of the word spoken by the teacher.

A problem with The Direct Method is that it met with resistance in public areas schools that are controlled by strong political forces. Second language learning, for communicative purposes, was never common in education and especially in conventional America. teacher mess, time, class size, and finances were all mentioned reasons for sending The Direct Method into decline in the public eye. It is still used in private schools.

It is the basis for That Audiolingual Method of 2nd Language Teaching. Get extra information on this affiliated encyclopedia – Click here: spanish to english translation.

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